Tuesday, July 26, 2011

very tired a today..
Woked up early in the morning before the sun rises...
den having a bored lecture class from 8-11am~~ its Business research class..@.@
in between of the class, me and my group members went to library..
The very first time that i really try to find books for assignment in HELP..XD
After that continue another tutorial class~~
11-12:30pm..its Financial Management~~
The lecturer and tutor is the same person..
He's always late to class, and ends his class early..XD
But the problem is that he didn't really explain what he had taught..
He's just too fast that we don't even know what to ask..
nvm ba..
i'll try to read the textbook..=)
Gambate o..
After that went for Movie~~
Wu Xia(武侠)..
Its still not bad..=)
back home also 5pm..sleep awhile den went for basketball..
today i went to Selayang basketball court to play..
Wow.its been a long time since last play~~
The court is very slippery, that's the main point that i dun like it..
But in the other hand..
I love to play there because i'll have opponents to play will there..
i mean opponents that is challenging..
Nowadays kinda hard to find secondary school kids to play with me..
Most of them can't really up to the standard..
So it will be kinda bored to play with them..
but sometimes still Kinda fun when playing them..XD
I prefer more challenging opponents.
Like this only i can play till the max and will improve~~
there's a chinese saying, 遇强愈强~~
story ends here for today~~

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