Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Time flies...
didn't notice that today is 20th of april edi..
Next monday would be the day of mine...
cause its my Judgement day...=(
Let's hope that i can start my revision now and can finish on time to face my FOA exam..
Wish me Lucks friends..=)
And i'll really appreciate you all..
Thx u Very Muchi...^^

18/4/2010, Sunday

my teeth felt pain..
Dunno what had happened...
until today(20/4/2010, tuesday),
the pain still remains there..
its really suffering man...>.<..
it made me can't sleep well..
felt so tired...
it also made me no appetite to eat...
and i'm slimming down these few days...>.<..
Pls Help Me GOD..!!!
I can't take it...
Its killing me...>.<..