Sunday, August 15, 2010 is sunday..15 August, 2010..
I went for cycling at Bukit Cahaya, Taman Pertanian Malaysia..
Together with Church brothers and sisters..=)
Starts cycle around 9am...
we went in a large group of 25 persons...
But only 24 are cycling and 1 is walking..XD
cause that person dunno how to cycle..Nvm...
So we move in a group, stop in a group, and have fun in a group..XD

the first "Pit Stop" was cactus farm...
stop for quite long..taking some photos...
den chit chat awhile...
after that..
we continue and ride forward..
but it was a dead end..
so we turn back...
and take another photos...
and discuss about the route that we wanna pass by..

So, we wanna go to the empangan kuning..XD
and there is a very steep..
so i tried to ride it up to the top but i failed in the half way..XD
den i waited up there for the rest..XD
half of them also stop at the place that i stop..XD
den we chit chat and rest awhile..
after that..
we continue to go up when the others is behind us..
this is the most hard memory of mine to ride up the mountain..XD
but enjoyed it..

after that we have up and down..
den we reached Empangan Kuning...Junction..Xp
we decided not to go there cause need to ride up again..
so we change another direction and goes all the way down..its so nice..XD
saw a pool side..
got ppl having events over there..=)
Seems nice..
beside there is a many flowers on the the surface of the water..
dunno what those flower calls..

den we continue..
and we reach the place...Taman Haiwan..
got few kinds of animals there lor..
lazy to list it out is because i also dunno what those animals' name in english..XD
Please forgive me..

So after that..
we are thirst for the Cold Beverage...
But not Holy Spirit..XD
jkjk la..
cause that time was really hot and exhausted ma..
really need some cold drinks..
so majority of us bought the 100 Plus...some of them bought Coke..

after awhile..
we ride up to the 4 season park...
den we stop at there for a moment and starts going back to the starting point to gather...
luckily most of the route is slopes that going down..
So we manage to return out bike and wait for the others..
my bro was lost because they waited for the others...
cause one of them suffering from muscle cramp..

So after awhile they manage to got back here..
and settle al those bike's charges..
and discuss for lunch..
den after that we go for 'Bak Kut Teh'..
Famous food of Klang..
each person paid Rm 11..
the dishes that we order are 9 person's portion of bak kut teh, 1 vege...and 1 pot of tea..
Costs us RM 102 for 9 persons..
after lunch i thought going off back home de..
mana tau..
went for Cendol in Klang..
after bro so happy that said go to I-city have a look..
Mana tau..
when we reached there..
The places...LOL..
really not that special..
and its not that pretty also..quite small only the place..

so we decided to go home..
and i started to sleep in the car..
but cant have a good sleep..
Around 4pm reached home den i had a bath..
its really so nice..
den take a nap..
woke at 6pm...
den online lor..
My story ends here...XD

But I needed to complete 2 assignments..>.<
ok la..
now is dinner time..
See ya..=)
Wish me all the best in assignments..^^
Thanks my friends..=)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh NO~~~~
2 Assignments coming..!!!!
1 is on 20 August and another is on 25 August Due date...>.<
Help Me...>.<..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finally done my OB Assignment..
yesterday hand in to the lecturer d..
and after his class..
went for movie..SALT...
Still ok ..
Not that interesting..=)
Mayb i'm too tired after rushing for assignment..XD
bad habits...>.<

And today got running nose...>.<
very suffering..arghh.!!!
Hope to recover soon..
later after lunch wanna take a nap and den start to do homework..^^