Monday, June 28, 2010

29-06-2010, Tuesday

It has been quite sometime i didn't update myself already.

Last month( MAY,19 ) was the date that my result released...
The Subject that i was taking, FOA, 'killed' me for many times...
Made me can't graduate on time...
After a year, today..
Finally i had Pass that Subject..^^
Its really Shock when i got to know my result...

Guess what..
i Got a B...=)
Its Unbelievable...XD
I just hope to pass it is enough..
Didn't expected to get a B..
really kinda happy after RESIT it for so many times..

Of Course really need to thank GOD so so so MUCHI...=)
If its not GOD..
i think by now still can't understand and got the concept of FOA...
Following also need to thanks those who Help me when i need them..^^

-Momo Ku
-Mee Kee
-Uncle Tay Eng Kiat(Formally a lecturer)
-Wai Seng

really Appreciate what they had give to me...
Although they had teach me n i failed the exams..
but they still dun gave up and continue to guide me..
Until this last time that i had Pass wif a B...
Hope that i can repay their efford wif this result..^^
Sorry for trouble you all So muchi o..>.<

Beside, i've also register myself at HELP University College ( HELP UC )..
But not yet register for which subjects that wanna take tis semester..
Later only will go to register it..=)

I think i'll just write till here this time..^^
Thx for reading..=)
Although its not interesting..