Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just felt not so good these few days...
Bad Mood Please leave me alone..!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Wow...its been a week...
so fast..
last week was term break..consider..
cause it was mid term term break...
so who is having exam during that week need to prepare for exam..
luckily i was just had one paper got mid term test..

So last week was like a holiday week for me..
although just one week din have classes..
but,felt like long time din go to college d..XD
today i think the lecturer taught 3 chapters in one shot..XD
it was tiring..>.<
Oh ya, almost forgot that i really totally forgot that she gave us homework the week before last..Xp
and she wanted to collect it by today..Xp
and she is asking for some creative reasons from each of everyone in the class..
after that she also told us that she had set the Final exam paper..
she warn us that is really tough..when she said so, she mean it..!!
just can say i'm so bad luck..XD
she said that the final paper covers lots of things..
really pity me..
need to starts K-ing the book d..
den today was a rainy day...
keeps raining in the afternoon til just now evening..
when on the way back...
its still raining...
mana tau many cars o..
den outside UOA there...ppl might know where if they study there..
got slopes going down ma..
suddenly the car cut into another lane and i break..
my motor front break mayb too tight i think..
causes my tyre like sliding..Xp
luckily it was just around 2-3 seconds la..
den i was stunt by it..Xp
so i used up to around 35 minutes like that only reached home..XD
normally just around 20 minutes..
but finally i also safely reached home la..
Thanks GoD...


Yesterday, sunday, 5/9/2010...5:35pm..
went to play basketball..
initially went to Selayang there de basketball court..
but mana tau only those kids playing...
so we decided to change venue..
we try our luck and went to Kepong Ulu secondary school there outside basketball court..
but as i predicted..
also kids playing there only..
so we went to Desa MCA there..
both of us rides motorbike..
den we saw some people playing there..
so we just stop at there and play..
while waiting i also met wif one of my primary school fren..
he's tall and he is more fit d...
Although he is still abit emotional like secondary school..
But he already changed alot...

Nice to have few games with them..
i got injured my middle finger upper part..
cause hit on someone's leg...
and its very pain...
now still feel the pain..
Kinda miss the feeling of playing basketball with all of my soul..=)
i think i'm not able to find back those kind of feelings, right..??