Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Its kinda long time didn't updated d..
Recently quite active/busy over church events..
although its tiring, but its really enjoy..
Not only that, i've learn many things, and also reminds me of things that i've forgot..=)
I appreciate all these events that had been held all the years,
In order to make myself a better person, no matter in church or in daily life.
My results will be release on the 8th of July.
Hope that its not that worst as what i expected.
I really dun wanna to fail my studies again..
I wanna to graduate faster..
i need to Concentrate in my studies..
Cause parents are giving me pressure..
but its just for my own GooD..=)

All i can do is just to pray to GOD to give me the strength that i need to finish the tasks that i have..^^

I've really long long time didn't contact with friends..
really felt so so so sorry to them..
Caused i've gave them a feeling that i've forgotten them..
I'm here to apologize to all my friends o..
Really sorry ya~~
Hope that after my studies i'll be free to gather with you all again~~
Take GooD Care all my friends..
Please dun forget me..