Thursday, August 4, 2011

Studies Vs Online


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Do people really change?
or they only will change after they really face a very serious problem?
yesterday, i heard someone said i change
he said i change a lot~~
is he saying the truth or he just wanna comfort me?
i know myself.
every time i say change, but always still the same.
sometimes, even myself cant believe what am i talking and promising.
i know i always break promise
but............still dunno to change.
such a failure

after the seminar, i realise many things
i cant do things myself all the times.
because human always will defeat by desire
means that, we need god to help us and be with us
don we believe that we can stand firm, because human being cant do that.
i will always remember the triangle.

don worry
i know what to do
thanks for being trust in me for so long time.
sorry i din change for one year and seven months
i am trying.
bless me can really fight until the end!!!