Tuesday, July 26, 2011

very tired a today..
Woked up early in the morning before the sun rises...
den having a bored lecture class from 8-11am~~ its Business research class..@.@
in between of the class, me and my group members went to library..
The very first time that i really try to find books for assignment in HELP..XD
After that continue another tutorial class~~
11-12:30pm..its Financial Management~~
The lecturer and tutor is the same person..
He's always late to class, and ends his class early..XD
But the problem is that he didn't really explain what he had taught..
He's just too fast that we don't even know what to ask..
nvm ba..
i'll try to read the textbook..=)
Gambate o..
After that went for Movie~~
Wu Xia(武侠)..
Its still not bad..=)
back home also 5pm..sleep awhile den went for basketball..
today i went to Selayang basketball court to play..
Wow.its been a long time since last play~~
The court is very slippery, that's the main point that i dun like it..
But in the other hand..
I love to play there because i'll have opponents to play will there..
i mean opponents that is challenging..
Nowadays kinda hard to find secondary school kids to play with me..
Most of them can't really up to the standard..
So it will be kinda bored to play with them..
but sometimes still Kinda fun when playing them..XD
I prefer more challenging opponents.
Like this only i can play till the max and will improve~~
there's a chinese saying, 遇强愈强~~
story ends here for today~~

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Thursday, July 7, 2011

My fault

u sick again.. what cause it?
things? people? study?
ya..each of it is also the cause.
but the most important reason is ME..

ya, in your heart.. i m a very selfish person.
i always cant do what u expect from me..
how a lousy person am i?!!
we often misunderstand each other real means.
from other sight...
we are really love each other well..
but there are also happens many problems among us..
but i think u will say most of the problems are happen on me..
i not a considerate people and i not concern about u..

since u this from me..
i will try to do what u want..
sometimes i mumble u or say about anythings that u don like,
sry.. i apologize about that..
i did really stress here.. in KL..
u will say me stil small or not mature gua..
but i am girl, i did miss my family and feel lonely sometimes here.
and i just want a little bit attention from u and wish u will comfort me
but u just always say me childish and stupid..
i know i am stupid.. but cant u put in your heart?
u know a girl who stay alone depart from her family de feeling?
ya. u will say i deserve it, coz i choose it.. i choose to come here study..
u forever wont understand this kind of feeling. but i wish u can try to understand..and try to stand on my perspective to think..
i edi choose to study here, can u support my choice and don always blame me on many things?
sometimes i think that i edi start to do a part that suppose to done by a bf..

i not only know how to waste your money..
i try not to use your money coz i edi cant endure u always blame me of using your money..
every time u ask me wanna buy things onot, that moment u will say u buy for me.. i din ask for it.. but after that, u will start blaming me used much of your money..
i did spend my money on u.. but just intangible.
can don always quarrel because of money?
at home, i edi always heard my parent quarrel every time and the cause is money..most of their quarrel is about it. i told myself, i don wan to quarrel with my husband because of money..
if u really think i did used much of your money, i can pay back to u.. cause i don wan we quarrel again.. i can spend on u much.. i din ask u to pay back or blame u use much of my money.. coz i choose this, i wont blame anybody.. but every time u blame me that, i did feel very sad that u keep blaming me that..
my allowance not tat much oso.. i buy things and i got count that if i need that.. i know sometimes i really simply buy things but i got limit myself..

i rerally love u..
these few weeks, i think i really forget things often.
forgive me if i really forget somethings that important on u..
i don wan that..but i really forgot..
sry for not tat concern about u..
i try to record down everything about u..

other people can share their sad things with their friends..
but i cant, so i will feel more stress..
u cal me to tel u, but sometimes u wont understand because u not me..
and u not in my perspective..
we see things differently.. sometimes i really cant agree with what u action, but i will try to accept wat u say..
i know i write very long d..

i think u will think i writing all this immature things..
sry to let u feel so sad these few days..
thx for endure me for so long times..

i try to do wat u wan..
there is no return from u i wan..
i just need your understanding and sry for all the things that i did to u..
really sry..
i am not a very good gf. before u, i dunno i am such a person.
thx for letting me know i am really so selfish..



Sometimes, you are very charming.
Sometimes, you are very pretty.
Sometimes, you are very cute.
Sometimes, you are very manja.
Sometimes, you are very beautiful.
Sometimes, you are very smart.

BUT, there are also~~

Sometimes, you are very annoying.
Sometimes, you are very frustrating.
Sometimes, you are very scary.
Sometimes, you are very horror.
Sometimes, you are very terrible.
Sometimes, you are very ignorant.
Sometimes, you are very rebellious.
Sometimes, you are very lazy.
Sometimes, you are very careless.
Sometimes, you are very forgetful.
Sometimes, you are very dangerous.

So, You are still You~~
Nothing's gonna change my love for you~~
Because You are Who You are right?
I love everything of yours~~
There is NO return for ME.
This is My Love for You~~
I'll try to suit Myself to You~~
I just hope that one day in the future You will try to be a Better, Mature person.
Not just change it for Me, Its for your own good as well.
Hopes that The Day that I'm hoping for is getting nearer day by day~~
Sometimes I really wanted to scold You, but I just kept it all in My heart.
I tried My very best not to angry at You each time.
But still, I've let You seen it sometimes.
I do really sorry about that.
But I really do want You to understand more things, and learn from it.
I doesn't simply nagged people, especially, You.
But You just doesn't get what I'm thinking and what I mean.
Sometimes, I do really wanted to Speak those vulgar words.
But I still keep restraint to speak it out. Although sometimes I spoke one or two.
I hate Myself being distracted from My Studies.
I hate Myself when being pressure from Parents, and You.
There are still a lot of things that You need to understand besides than Your Own Needs.
Sometimes, I've made a choice that You don't like.
But if You really could understand why and don't just simply accused Me of making those choices, I'll be very happy.
Cause it will mean that You have already grown up if You can think in this way.
But, for what i can see now,
After One year plus,
Things still the same.
Unhappy things keep repeating. I don't know that if You are aware of it.
I'm really Unhappy recently.
I can't take it anymore.
I'm mentally Stress.
I really Can't Take it ANYMORE..!!!!!
Sorry about it.
I'm still not ready for this kind of suffering.
Please give me some time.
I'm still not use to the way You are.