Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i tot every people only need 8 hours per day to sleep?
y some people will sleep more than 8 hours but still say tired and sleepy?
is this a sick?
really not understand..
don care!!

just translate somethings.
but really feel tired when do that lar.
i think if i do continue do the divine work that i can do,
maybe i can be better and be a good children of God
i wan to be a good worker in church but i always scare.
actually i also dunno wat things i scare for..

maybe i really need to prepare my heart to back to college
and to start the new semester.
God, please help me in everything, so that i can be able to work hard in church and do everything for u!! pls give me one more chance to serve u..
and also need to be well prepare to back to that lonely place.
sometimes regret that i decided to study at kl.
really miss home.
but some people will just scold me and say this is my choice. wat to do?

miss my family always.
some people wont understand my feeling coz they really live really blissful..

Love daddy, mummy and sisters~~

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've been holiday for 3 weeks plus..
but stil don feel wan to back kl yet!!
This is the first time i write blog.. haha~
some ppl might confuse y i write like this.. LOL
Chong Xin Zhi might know wat happen.. haha

Everyday stay at home very sien ar..
but still enjoying at home.
no need to spend my own money, no need to worry no ppl accompany me, no need to kacau Nobody, no need to worry about my study when at home..

next semester have many hard subjects to study..
dunno i can be able to get the result tat i wan onot.. haiz..
but i know someone will support me..

These day felt that i was doing something wrong but don wan to change o..
haiz..wats wrong with me??
i should be know wat is wrong and wat is right.
i shouldn't find the grey area.

we long time din argue and fight for somethings d..
very good har.. but i scare when i back kl,
and when i start feel lonely den will start argue again..
i think i m such a ppl tat cant be lonely o~
but i cant always find others right?

thx for so considerate to me and everytime let me win..
i really very bad right?
i knew tat too..
i should be start to read bible and pray at least twice a day.
anyone can just always encourage me to do these things..
i don wanna do wrong things again.
i don wan them to feel disappointed to me..

ok!! is time to do home work..
write next time..